Miss Peppa


Miss Peppa moves deftly in the kitchen with round and graceful movements. Miss Peppa has a genuine passion for cavatelli and gnocchi, the type of pasta without eggs, combining tradition and love for healthy food which is typical of  the Mediterranean diet.
Miss Peppa brings happiness and good food in the family. The mastery with which she works the dough and her attention to cleanliness, makes her the ideal governess for each family. A delight for all ages, a joy for the senses.


Sit down, Miss Peppa is at your service.


Preparation of Miss Peppa
Attach the foot of the machine in a flat surface by tightening the screw which is located in the lower part. Insert the handle locking cylinders, screwing it in clockwise.
Now cut the dough into pieces and crush them with your fingers until the dough thick cords reach a thickness of about  4 mm and a width of about 3 cm.

Preparation of cavatelli
Enter the string of dough on the right side of the rollers to get ruled cavatelli,  on the left side of the rollers to get smooth cavatelli.

WARNING! It is recommended to slowly accompany the pasta cord while turning the crank. If the cavatelli get out all shred, it means that you need to clean the die inside the machine.


Cleaning Miss Peppa
Do not use any chemicals to clean the machine.
Clean the exterior surface by using a damp cloth. Remove any residues of hardened paste with the aid of a knife. We recommend storing the machine in its case after use.

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