Mr Sparklybe

Mr. Sparklybe is the bottle cooler which looks at the label. The bottle does not sink into the commonly used bucket and the value of your choices is enhanced.

Mr. Sparklybe has a cool mind and an impeccable charm to transform every moment with elegance and warm up the atmosphere.

Mr Sparklybe is your butler, he serves with skill and doesn’t wet any towels or bottles.

Relax, Mr Sparklybe serves you.

Mr. Sparklybe cools every bottle down without any trace.

The secrets of Mr. Sparklybe are the design and a gel pad which, taken from the fridge, is put inside the chassis and keeps the wine cool.



Mr. Sparklybe is available in the following colours:

Technical details

1 – Chassis

  • Chassis with eased pull down sliding for comfortable positioning of the gel pack.
  • It doesn’t require the preparation and consumption of ice.
  • No maintenance is required.

2 – Gel pack

  • Bearing in reusable cooling gel pack which easily fits in the freezer.
  • It maintains temperature for 90-120 minutes at 5C-7C ° under normal conditions.

3 – Support

  • Integral exposure of the label and the bottle.
  • Ideal temperature for optimum tasting.
  • Discreet and elegant presence on the table due to the small size.
  • It doesn’t need to be put in the freezer before use.
  • It doesn’t drip or wet.
  • Clean only with a dry cloth.

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