Eurostampi’s commitment

Three concepts sum up our commitment to a better future: sustainability, ecology, productivity.

There is constantly growing scientific evidence that our lifestyles and the production processes that have been established over the years are unsustainable, non-ecological and threaten not only the environment in which we live and our life itself, but also the longevity of our companies. Consuming more than we need, using procedures that dissipate more energy than we produce, and thus burning the limited natural resources at a rate much higher than our ecosystem is able to regenerate them naturally, is costly as well as harmful to all.

Each business must now deal with the issue of sustainability and ecology, as its own survival depends on it.

Eurostampi has been in line with the international environmental standards for years. Each waste product resulting from the processing cycles is recycled and regenerated. Our R&D department is constantly searching for materials that favor the development of products with minimal environmental impact, preferring those solutions that guarantee complete recycling and regeneration of the products.

Eurostampi’s commitment goes well beyond its company policy. In fact, it was Eurostampi’s green mission that led to the idea of producing a new line of products:


Products and technologies with low or no environmental impact, capable of improving the ecological footprint of our cities and, with it, the quality of life of the people living in them. Manual or energy-efficient compactors that are safe and easy to use. Designed for industrial, residential and commercial use, they can save time and money while improving waste management, disposal and recycling.