Eurostampi: passion, innovation and satisfaction.

“It’s been 25 years since we purchased our first automated duplicator. A tool which, acquired at the beginning of our story, led us to become one of the most far-sighted and innovative companies in the mold sector”.

Eurostampi’s adventure began a quarter of a century ago, born from the passion and insight of Valentino Dall’Igna.
Actually, Eurostampi has been dedicated to its customers since 1988, providing state-of-the-art services with continuous investments in Research and Development, the use of constantly updated technologies and a passion for “problem solving” that the owner succeeds in conveying to his employees and the company’s suppliers, chosen according to precise quality and reliability criteria.

In 1996 Eurostampi established its headquarters in Sarcedo, expanding over the years up to the present-day facility with about 2000 m2 dedicated to the development, design and production of molds as well as the assembly of products, including the special line dedicated to its Ecology products Ecology.

So 25 years later, retracing its footsteps from the very beginning, Eurostampi completely renews its image and message, positioning itself among the most competitive companies on the Italian market of injection and die-casting molds and standing to become a key leader in the sector, even on an international level.

“We’ve always been driven by a passion to solve problems that others couldn’t”.