Who we are

EUROSTAMPI is specialized in the design and manufacture of die casting for aluminium, zamak, magnesium and injection moulds for plastics. Our structure is qualified and organized to meet all of our clients’ needs, both in the design phase as well as during the manufacturing of any type of mould.

For all of the provided services, we have an extensive experience across a wide range of industries, such as: automation, automotive, furniture, burners and stoves, housewares, cycles and motorcycles, design, domotics, ecology, buildings, appliances, electronics, hobbies, lighting, CCTV systems, agricultural machinery, hydraulic engineering, industrial heating, window frames, textiles, pumps, pressure regulators, high pressure cleaners, etc.


Since more than 30 years, Eurostampi is providing to the customers superior quality molds, metal finishes and CNC service-work thru cutting-edge processes.

We know very well the value of a good idea, we carry it out with the maximal attention.

We are able to study and realize it exactly how you thought it, helping you to make it more competitive and attractive thanks to our know-how.

Focalized in results, the complementary and simultaneous work of each department has increased the production processes,  guaranteeing great flexibility, high production capability, lead-time and costs-cutting.

EUROSTAMPI srl - Via dell’Industria, 35 - 36030 Sarcedo (VI) Italia - Tel. +390445 380473 - E-mail: