Eurostampi is always focalized in high quality performances and improvement of the products. Besides realizing die-casting tolls for aluminum, magnesium, Zama and plastic injection molding, we are able to offer a complete range of services:

product design, prototyping, engineering, mold design, production, testing and after sales service .

Eurostampi does not fear technological challenges thanks to a flexible and competitive machinery : the CNC machines DMS Mori and the EDM branded ONA are joined by FCS clamping system, our milling capability is up  to 1200 x 800 mm and the EDM 2.300 x 1.500 x 1.000 mm.

The technical dep. carries out the projects optimizing and turning them into a computerized sculpture sequences. We use advanced 3D modeling software able to receive and work out IGS, STEP, DXF and DWG format. The operators use THINK DESIGN 3D and TEBIS CAM , absolutely the best you can find in the market concerning machinery software. Since 1 year we work with a departmental informatics system named OPERA (Manufacturing Execution System) which is able to manage and increase the production processes.


Call us and send us your ideas.
Your projects will undergo a feasibility study by our engineers. Next there will be a preliminary analysis of the production and processing costs in which the fundamental characteristics of the mold and thus the final products will be identified. These elements will then be developed in detail in the co-design and planning phase.


We are equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technologies and three-dimensional scanners that allow us to study your projects in every detail and make any necessary changes, in co-design, in order to obtain maximum-quality products.
Rendering the project free of any defects will enable us to provide you with molds that guarantee the best reproducibility of your products.


Using rapid prototyping (RP) technologies, we make samples for final products in aluminum, zamak, rubber and injection plastic, and for small objects with characteristics similar to those of aluminum. Along with this, upon your request, we perform assembly tests of the prototypes and subsequent final testing.


In this phase we can evaluate with certainty the final cost of the molds and production of the final products, guaranteeing high quality standards with the use of efficient and certified materials.
We will identify the type of molds suited to meet your needs and define the mechanical processes necessary after molding, as well as external finishes for the details to make the products unique and yours only. 


Since the creation of the Company, the Management has firmly decided pay particular attention to customer satisfaction above all regarding the timeliness of delivery, the technical qualities of the product, the price and the quality of the service.

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