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Our projects

The Eurostampi team likes challenges, and it is precisely challenges that over the years have led us to work in the most varied sectors, acquiring experience and skills not only in mould construction or moulding, but also in designing, making and providing the finished product.

The customer has the idea, we put it into practice in its entirety: we can in fact design the component, carry out industrialisation, build the mould, supply the moulded part with the required ancillary processes, assemble, package and ship the finished product.

We offer a complete and tailor-made service to all customers who wish to transform an existing steel product into a plastic product, as we’ve already done for these projects. Discover them all!

Eureka ecological compactor

Alfredo bottle cooler

Ciaky Nutcracker

Oliver Drip Tap

Big Mama and Little Mama pasta machines

You think of it, we'll develop it