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Ecology Group and Mammamia

Eurostampi’s extensive technological know-how, along with its unceasing attention towards the environment, led to the foundation of the Ecology Groupin 2005, operating in the production of environmental technologies for waste management, and subsequently to the birth of the Mammamia brand and its range of kitchen products.


Stemming from Eurostampi’s green commitment is Ecology.
The Ecology line develops new products and technologies with low or no environmental impact for compacting waste, capable of improving the ecological footprint of our cities and the well-being of the people and businesses that live there.


Mammamia is a line of products for the kitchen which, as can be seen from its image, is inspired by the Italian gastronomic and cultural tradition and with an international audience in mind, young and attentive to design.

Mammamia pasta machines and accessories are dedicated to those who love the taste and authenticity of homemade food, to those who wish to rediscover, through simple gestures, the passion for culinary art in their own kitchen.

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