Plastics co-moulding

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Plastics co-moulding

Thanks to our innovative moulding department and the use of presses with high mechanical and micro-metric efficiency, Eurostampi offers a complete and professional co-moulding service, that is an injection moulding process that enables to obtain a final product consisting of several materials various in nature, even complex.

Given the technological difficulty in production, it is essential to rely on a competent partner with considerable experience in this field such as Eurostampi: thanks to a flexible machine fleet, advanced 4.0 technologies and the skills gained in over 30 years of activity, we are able to merge different components to obtain a finished product composed of several elements and tailor-made, perfectly corresponding to the customer’s requests while ensuring a high level plastic co-moulding service.

Since it is specialized in the design and construction of this type of injection moulds, Eurostampi is capable of automating the entire co-moulding process, guaranteeing the customer high quality standards.

Some products made with co-moulding

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