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The sectors we work in

Eurostampi is qualified and organized to meet every customer need, both for the design and construction of die-casting moulds and injection moulds, and for injection moulding of plastics, rubber and co-moulding.

We have extensive experience in numerous sectors regarding all the services provided, including: furniture, automation, automotive, household, bicycles and motorcycles, design, home automation, ecology, construction, household appliances, electronics, hobbies, lighting, CCTV systems, agricultural machinery, hydraulic, industrial heating, doors and windows, textiles, pumps, pressure regulators, pressure washers and numerous other sectors.
The challenges matured in these fields of application, provide us today with greater knowledge and skills to tackle any type of sector.

Oil gas

  • Lungs for vehicle systems
  • Lungs for car methane systems
  • Gas control systems (meters)
  • Pressure valves (lungs) for the control of the pipeline pressure
  • Connections for gas valves in relevant area


  • In aluminium: Under seat, Backrest, Sideboards, Armrests, Feet, Table, Armrests support
  • Plastic Material: Magazine holder (P.C.), Interior headrest (FR3030), Interior armrest (FR3030), USB socket (FR3030), Seat adjustment lever (P.P.S.), Seat sliding bushings (POM)
  • Magnesium: Under seat, Sideboard, Armrest, Chassis frame


  • Aluminium: Seat frame, Seat armrest, Seat foot, Seat sideboard
  • Plastic Material: Armrest Cover (FR3030), USB Socket Cover (FR3030)


  • In aluminium die cast: Lamppost heat sink body, Glass holder body, Headlight orientation lever, Pole connection, Lamppost supports, Wall lamps, Step markers, Heat sinks
  • Indoor plastic material: ABS lamp body, PPS Fortron 1140L4 lamp body, PPS supports, Laticonther 62 Gr 50 and Laticonther 52/11 Gr 50 heat sinks


  • Magnesium: Motor Support, Armrest Structure, Central Car Structure, Central Display Door, Full Armrest
  • Aluminium: Shock Absorber supports, Manifold Structure, Wipers, Control Camera, Heat sinks
  • Plastic: Injection battery cover, PC Polycarbonate display, Lamp Holder structure (ABS), Headlight structure


  • Caps for crutches (Rubber)
  • Disability platforms (Rubber)
  • Platforms for wheelchairs
  • Armrests structure
  • Autoclave Structures (ABS)
  • Autoclave Covers (ABS)
  • Water container with inserts
  • Door handle with insert
  • Laser holder inserts for the gynaecological sector
  • Containers for vials


  • Automated gates with doors and sliding doors
  • Shop shutter automation
  • Electric shutters
  • Civil and industrial automation
  • Accessories for control units
  • ABS Boxes
  • Remote controls
  • Automation for balconies
  • Automation for awnings
  • Roller shutter automation
  • Car barriers
  • Automation for bollards

Household items

  • Pasta machines (Mamma Mia)
  • Accessories for wine (Alfredo)
  • Accessories for olive oil (Oliver)
  • Nut crackers
  • Drying racks
  • TV Accessories
  • Bed Supports (Orthopedic)
  • Colander
  • Salad containers
  • Floor cleaners
  • Portable battery vacuum cleaner
  • Household waste compactor (Eureka)
  • Chairs


  • Eureka
  • Glass crusher
  • Eco-press
  • 120 litre containers

You think of it, we'll develop it