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For over 30 years now Eurostampi srl has been the reference point for the design and manufacture of die-casting moulds for aluminium, zamak, magnesium and injection moulds for plastics. Located in Sarcedo, Vicenza, Eurostampi boasts a qualified, flexible and organized structure to meet every customer need, both during the design and co-design phase, thanks to the precision and professionalism of our Technical Office, and during the creation of any type of mould in the 1,200 sq m workshop, up to the injection moulding of plastics, rubber and co-moulding in our 600 sq m department, fully automated and equipped with 4.0 technologies.

We have always tried to find solutions to problems that others could not solve.

Valentino Dall'Igna

Machine fleet and 4.0 technology

We know the value of a good idea and the importance of implementing it with the utmost care.

For this reason, we use the most advanced design software, the latest generation cnc machine tools, 4.0 automated processes and our know-how gained over the years, to actualise your projects and make them even more competitive and attractive to users.

Eurostampi has always provided companies in every sector with superior quality moulds, metal finishes and precision machining.
Focused on the result, the complementary and simultaneous work of our departments makes the production process efficient and flexible, guaranteeing high production capacity, precision, lead time and cost reduction.


Eurostampi was founded, thanks to the passion and resourcefulness of Valentino Dall 'Igna

The Eurostampi adventure began a quarter of a century ago, born from the passion and resourcefulness of Valentino Dall ‘Igna.

Since 1988, in fact, Eurostampi has been dedicated to its customers, providing cutting-edge services thanks to consistent investments in Research and Development, the use of constantly updated technologies and the passion for “problem solving” that the owner is able to express to his employees and to the company’s suppliers, chosen according to precise criteria based on quality and reliability.


Eurostampi moves to the current headquarters in Sarcedo

In 1996 Eurostampi established its current headquarters in Sarcedo, which over the years has been extended to the current plant, of about 2,000 mq m dedicated to the development, design, production of moulds and the assembly of products, including a line dedicated to Ecology products.


Eurostampi implements its own machine fleet

In 2007 Eurostampi implemented its machine fleet with a 5-axis DMG milling machine with pallet changer, along with CAD/CAM Tebis software. Thanks to the combination of the two, Eurostampi ensures 5-axis continuous milling, a superior processing technique to any other; creating high quality surfaces in a fast, efficient and reliable way.


Eurostampi renews and extends the company up to 1,200 sq m

In 2013, following in the same footsteps as its early stages, Eurostampi expanded the company to an area of 1,200 sq m and completely renewed its image and communication, positioning itself among the most competitive protagonists in the Italian injection and die casting mould market with the aim of becoming a leading international reference.


Eurostampi celebrates 30 years of activity, expands its commercial area and purchases new machinery

Thirty years after its foundation, with renewed enthusiasm, Eurostampi grows further expanding the company’s commercial area dedicated to the production of moulds to 1,800 sq m. A new state-of-the-art hydrothermal system is installed for cooling the various areas, designed to maintain a constant temperature at all times of the year for the benefit of both employees and machinery.


Eurostampi is currently a market leader, with continuous investments in plants and industry 4.0

In recent years, investments in automated systems and CNC machinery have continued, with production control in 4.0, including lathes, immersion and plunge EDM machines, motorised lathes and milling machines with 5-axis pallet changer.
Furthermore, the moulding department was enhanced with 5 dryers with material transport and inverters for energy savings.

Why Choose Us

From Concept to Finished Product

We are the only contact point that deals with the entire supply chain, starting with an idea and continuing with the industrialisation of the component, the design and manufacture of the moulds, the moulding of the parts, right up to assembly and packaging.

State-of-the-art Technical Office

Our Technical Department uses the best technologies for mould design, supporting the customer with a complete and customised service ranging from feasibility studies to product co-design, up to rapid prototyping.

Mould manufacturing for all sectors

We are qualified and organized to meet every customer need, thanks to a long experience gained in various sectors including automotive, oil gas, railway, naval, energy, medical, ecological, automation, household and many others.

Moulding with 4.0 technologies

Our moulding department is one of the strengths of the company, where continuous investments in industry 4.0 allow us to automate the entire injection moulding process of plastics, rubber and co-moulding.

Green Mission

Eurostampi has always been in line with the highest international standards of environmental compliance, putting in place concrete processes daily to optimise energy consumption and minimise waste production.

You think of it, we'll develop it