Ciaky Nutcracker

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Functional, durable and with an elegant design

Eurostampi has designed and developed the CIAKY nutcracker from the MAMMAMIA line, a reliable tool that opens nuts, hazelnuts and almonds without any effort.

With an elegant and friendly design, the Ciaky nutcracker is in fact equipped with a gear system that transforms the slight pressure exerted on the handles into a 10 times stronger grip between its teeth. A controlled force which, thanks to the correct positioning of the walnut, guarantees a net breakage of the shell without morsels or small pieces.

All the advantages of the Ciaky nutcracker

To use it correctly, simply place the walnut between the pliers, lock it with the upper pliers and tighten the handles with a slight pressure until it breaks.
The Ciaky nutcracker is made of PPS material that guarantees:

  • high thermal and mechanical resistance
  • high hardness and stiffness
  • high dimensional stability
  • great resistance to wear

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