Eureka ecological compactor

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Eureka was born from the green mission of Ecology

From continuous research and from the green mission that has always guidedEcology, stemsEureka, a manual ecological compactor designedfor professional and domesticuse, capable ofreducing the volume of waste in plastic, nylon, dry, paper and cardboard.

It is a 100% green system entirely designed and developed by Eurostampi, which in fact helps you to simplify and improve recycling and solves the problem of clutter.

The intelligent ecological compactor

Thanks to the two separate containers with their unmistakable retro style, Eureka has a compaction capacity that allows you to reduce the volume of waste by up to 5 times, reducing the space needed for waste storage and the related costs of disposal, transport and urban hygiene.

A 100% green system, simple, effective and affordable, which allows you to respect both the environment and your health.

Die casting and injection moulding

You think of it, we'll develop it