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Certified Accuracy and Quality

Since the creation of the Company, it has been the firm will of Management to pay particular attention to customer satisfaction, in particular with regard to the timeliness of delivery, the technical qualities of the product, the price, and therefore the offer of a complete, serious and professional service, ranging from the design and manufacture of the moulds to the supply of the relevant moulded items.

With the aim of offering an increasingly high quality level of service, Eurostampi has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate for the “Design and production of moulds for plastic and thermosetting materials, die casting, shearing. Injection moulding of materials and plastics. Production of metal parts according to the customer’s drawings. Monitoring of the metal die casting process”.

Thanks to personnel with extensive technical skills and the use of sophisticated and precise machine tools, we are able to create complex moulds and metal parts tailored to customer requirements.

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