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Preserve the properties of your olive oil with Oliver

OLIVER is the drip tap from the MAMMAMIA line, designed and developed by Eurostampi to preserve the preciousness, aromas and freshness of extra virgin olive oil.

Applicable to the best containers dedicated to oil preservation, it prevents contact with air while keeping the organoleptic features of the oil intact and guarantees a uniform and regular flow at the opening.

Choose our Oliver drip tap

Dedicated to those who, at all times, want to taste a symbol of Italian tradition, preserving it for as long as possible. The Oliver drip tap is made with certified plastic materials and suitable for the storage of food liquids.

Using it is simple: simply remove the cap from the olive oil can, insert Oliver on the float side, screw until it is tightly closed and remove the safety flaps. To pour out the oil, gently press the side flaps upwards, stopping the pressure to stop the flow.

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